Losing Film


My friend gave me three rolls of Kodak Plus-X in exchange for something I already forgot. Plus-X got discontinued before I started shooting film (again). So I never had a chance to use it. Apparently it's like the old Tri-X but finer grain. Having only three rolls I couldn't exactly shoot a few rolls and learn by trial and error. Not having ever shot the film before I also didn't want to wait and save it for a special occasion since I had no idea what the results would looks like. 

My friend got married last month in Taiwan and I thought I'd bring the rolls and shoot 'em there. I shot one on my Leica and two on my Olympus Mju. The first roll, i shot on my Olympus at the wedding and put it in my suit jacket pocket when I finished the roll, loaded the second roll and kept on shooting until the after party. At some point that night the roll in my jacket must've slipped out. I called the wedding venue and bars we went to but the roll was nowhere to be found. 

This is probably where I lost the roll.

This is probably where I lost the roll.

So out of three rolls I lost the one with most of the wedding photos. I still have the one I had loaded last and are still sitting on the 11th shot on the roll I loaded into the Leica. Needless to say it sucks to have lost the wedding pics. I am glad I had a few memories on the second roll.

The third roll is still in my Leica and waiting to be finished. My friends thought it was funny and made fun saying that I should drop the film cameras and this wouldn't happen. I don't really agree. SD-cards are even smaller than 35mm rolls of film, not to mention all the digital pics aren't going to last anyhow. See my rant here.

Good bye Plus-X, it was a pleasure!