The lost Generation

All my college memories are gone. No graduation photos, no photos to remember trips, events and friends. 

I graduated in 2007. Digital was the way to go. I thought it was the greatest thing ever. Shoot as much as I want and it was 'free' too. Couldn't get any better. It's 2016 now and I have none of these photos left. Between moving countries, buying new computers and transferring from one medium to another things got lost. The only photos I have left is what parents or friends printed. Very sad.

My mother still has photos from the 80s. I wonder if she'd still have them if they were shot on digital back then. Even so I probably couldn't read them. 

Imagine firing up that 3x86 with Windows 3.1 to view your childhood pictures. I don't think so.  

Print your digies!