35mm vs 50mm Lens

I'm writing this because I could never find anything relevant on this topic. Every time I searched for it I ended up with 35mm film related results or the never ending lens reviews. 

I started out shooting a 50mm on a Nikon digital body and really liked it.  

With a 50mm you can produce nice bokeh and exclude stuff not needed from your frame. Isolate your subject as they call it. They are cheap and versatile. Very nice indeed.  




I now have a 35mm on my Leica film body but recently have not been happy with my results. 

I've been thinking to get a fifty again since I know it'll yield more 'keepers'. But are they really keepers? 

Yes, I can simplify what's in my frame. Tighter crops, less stuff in the frame, bokeh the hell out of any background distraction. It DOES work indeed.  

But every shot I take of my lovely wife will look the same. Whether I take it in India, in Tokyo or Germany. It'll be beautiful and simple BUT it'll all be the same.  

When I look back at my shots in a couple of years I want to know the story behind it, too.  


For me at least the 35mm focal length is where it's at.  

Yes it's not easy. But, if it was easy it would be boring.