Artisan & Artist Review

Artisian & Artist is a Japanese company that makes camera bags and camera straps. According to their website they provide "a wide range of high quality camera accessories". 

I've had three of their straps now.  

The ACAM-103N wide fabric strap. The ACAM-262 leather strap and the ACAM-310N silk cord. 

I mostly bought them because stores here in Tokyo were pushing them as "superior quality" straps. They all cost over a 100 USD and look beautiful. That is when you but them they look impressive. The packaging and presentation is awesome, but so far not one of them has lasted over a year. Every single one of them had threads at the ring attachment slowly dissolve and come off.

The fabric strap had a faulty ring protector when I bought it.  I emailed the company directly and sent it in for repair as I was instructed to do. Since they sold me a faulty product I assumed they would fix it for free. Not a chance. They tried to charge me 2000 yen for repair and asked for shipping on top of that. I politely told them they can keep the strap and leave me alone.

I then started using the leather strap I still had from them. Within three months of usage the end attached to the ring started to undo itself. Since I already knew these jokers won't fix it anyway I didn't even bother asking. Instead I went to Mister Minit and had it super glued.

Threads simply undo themselves. I resorted to super glue from Mister Minit.  

Threads simply undo themselves. I resorted to super glue from Mister Minit.  

The leather itself then became brittle and is now starting to break. See pictures.


On top of all the issues above the rings started to split and would start undoing themselves. See pictures.  


Usually Japanese hand made products are impeccable, but this company is the complete shite. They figured out how to make money in the Japanese market. Most people buying their straps are Leica shooters who don't actually use their cameras. They buy these straps for the looks just like they buy their Leicas to have them sit on shelves. Works well for Artisan and Artist. No one will ever find out how shitty their products are because hardly anyone actually uses the stuff. The remainder of their clients are probably digital shooters who get a new strap with every bi-annual iteration of their Fujifilm X camera. They too are immune to straps breaking on them.  

Way to do business nowadays!