Changes in lifestyle

Recently had some big changes in my personal life and all of a sudden I am presented with this huge amount of extra personal time.
I've been wondering how to use that time productively. Of course, studying more Japanese, maybe going for the JLPT1 finally would be something really productive. I have been shooting a lot lately but always alone. I do feel very productive when I am by myself.
I leave the house 30 minutes early everday when I go to work to squeeze in some morning light shooting in Shibuya.
I am not the type of person who needs a photography wingman. I am fine walking up to strangers by myself. 
What I would like to have a wingman for is editing my work. I'd love to spend more time shooting with other people in Tokyo and comparing our results. Thinking about that I setup a new group on called "Tokyo Film Photography".

I've just had my first meetup yesterday themed "Disposable MeetUp".
The ideas was to completely neglect gear and concentrate on framing and having fun. 
Unfortunately not very many people showed interest. Two people declined and two other people signed up last minute.
Maybe I need to schedule these type of events more than a week in advance.
Anyways, we had fun walking Shibuya with our Fujifilm QuickSnap disposables and the picture came out well.
I have another meetup scheduled the following sunday. Next time will be black and white photography and developing our film after we're done shooting. Lifing the gear restrictions, let's see how many people show up this time.

below are a few photos from the MeetUp.